FREE Tip: Imprinted Pens for Lefties

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  To celebrate, here’s a free tip when placing pen orders that will help kick your next pen promotion “up a notch”.

FREE Tip: Imprinted Pens for Lefties.

“Huh?” you say?  Well, they’re pens printed so that your LOGO or IMPRINT are readable to a left handed person we say!

We know from personal experience how frustrating it is to get a promotional pen as a gift from some company we thought we liked only to be disappointed that we can’t even see the company’s logo when we write!  it’s upside down!

See below:

Right Handed Pen Imprint

Just “a pen”, or a “regular pen” has the imprint oriented to be readable for RIGHT HANDED PEOPLE ONLY

Left Handed Person Holding Right Handed Pen

The SAME PEN, when held by a LEFT HANDED PERSON will have the imprint upside down.

Left Handed Person holding Left Handed Imprinted Pen

Yay! If you produce LEFTY PENS then the imprint is readable to LEFTIES. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.  For our self-promotional pens, we used an outline-only version of our logo to help us differentiate our “LEFTY” pens.


Lefty pens are the EXACT SAME PEN as “Righty” pens with the imprint flipped 180 degrees.  OUR RECOMMENDATION:  Since it doesn’t cost one dollar more to run a job this way, why not do it?

[tip]When buying pens, ask us to give you LEFTY Pens AND RIGHTY Pens and we’ll take care of the rest.  We’ll take 10-20% of the entire pen order (whatever percent you tell us) and have those pieces be specially printed for lefties.[/tip]

Lefty pens can be boxed separately if you want them to all look the same.  When we’ve done them before we usually also choose a different colored pen to help identify the “lefty” pens, but it could be the exact same pen, same color, everything.

The joy of having pens specifically designed with right OR left-handed people in mind with your logo shows that your company considers the individual.  It recognizes and appreciates differences.  It doesn’t treat everyone the same.  Personalized service…you get the idea.

Another option would be to put the logo on the pens twice, once rightside up and once rightside down, depending on how you look at it.  This option adds cost and also is not possible all the time.

This tip can be used on ANY PEN ORDER.
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